Binance is probably the best place to buy cryptocurrency right now. You can make money by selling cryptocurrencies during the bull market’s peak and buying cryptocurrencies during a bear market. First, create an account at a cryptocurrency payment gateway CoinGate. Then, click either the “sell” or “buy” button, and follow the instructions.

  • Uphold offers simple solution to trading multiple assets — open one account and trade multiple assets without making a trip back to cash.
  • After linking your Bitcoin wallet to the Bitcoin exchange of your choice, the last step is the easiest — deciding how much Bitcoin you want to buy.
  • In light of this, you may want to limit your investments to only an amount you can afford to lose.
  • For buying digital assets with a credit card, Simplex is a great option that offers a large variety of choices.
  • There are numerous ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

After you’ve purchased your cryptocurrency, you’ll need to store it in a safe place to protect it from hacks or theft. These fees vary per exchange, so you’ll want to pay close attention to each platform’s prices before you get started. Here’s how to buy cryptocurrency — along with an outline of where you can buy it and the different types of investment vehicles you can use to gain exposure to it. “If I own a bitcoin, I don’t really own anything physical,” Allen says. “I just own a key that allows me to move a record or a unit of measure from one person to another, without a trusted third party.” And that’s really all the cryptocurrency is, he explains. To decide if crypto is right for your portfolio, be sure to first understand how it works.

Option 1: Traditional investment platform

Multiple how to buy crypto platforms have recently crashed after promising unsustainable APRs, taking customers’ investments with them in the process. Easily trade and manage your cryptocurrency assets using our seamless buy/sell/swap process. Buy crypto with credit/debit card or bank transfer and receive crypto or fiat currency directly to your personal wallet. The most popular venues for buying bitcoins are cryptocurrency exchanges, brokerages, and payment services like PayPal. For indirect ownership of bitcoin, investors can choose to invest in companies that hold the cryptocurrency on their balance sheets, such as Tesla, Inc. or MicroStrategy Incorporated .

debit card

These fees depend on the dollar amount of the purchase. Four cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, can be purchased directly through PayPal. Except for those who live in Hawaii, residents of all states can either use their existing PayPal accounts or set up new ones.

What can I do after I buy cryptocurrency?

Once the account is activated, link a bank account and deposit funds into this newly opened crypto account. With the funds ready, place a crypto buy order and purchase any cryptocurrency from the ones available on the exchange. Most people buy BTC in Canada but the market is also flooded with altcoins like Binance Coin or Solana . You can import the key into any crypto wallet, which will then allow you to access your assets on the blockchain. This means there’s no risk of losing your coins even if you misplace your phone or laptop or delete the software — as long as you have your private key. Neteller, for example, lets users buy cryptocurrency using 28 fiat currencies, with membership tiers determining daily limits, fees, and processing speeds.

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There are quite a few numbers of ways to buy cryptocurrency with cash payment. LocalBitcoins is the most popular and trusted peer-to-peer ways to buy Bitcoin. Others include Paxful, Walls of Coins, BitQuick, etc.